Resort to Detain Drunk Skiers in Freight Container

Swedish police have received permission to place drunk skiers in a custom-made freight container while they sober up, The Local reported.

The container will be placed in a fenced-off area about three miles from the ski slopes in Varmland, in western Sweden. Police have been pushing The Swedish National Police Board for permission to take a harder line against rowdy skiers, The Local reported.

"We are going to increase our presence in Branäs and will lower the threshold for an arrest. We are probably the first in Sweden to do this," Varmland Police Department's Peter Åkerström told The Local. "Branäs is located a bit out of the way. People go there to party and have fun. It is probably not quite as fun to wake up in a detention container."

Currently the closest jail cell available for the detainment of tipsy tourists is in Karlstad, a two and a half hour round trip for police.

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