New Year's Eve Champagnes

As you get ready to pop the top on your New Year's Eve celebration, is your champagne celebration up to snuff?

Liquid chef Kim Haasarud, author of "101 champagne Cocktails," breaks down the bubbly for every budget:

• Barefoot Bubbly Extra Dry
Chardonnay-based, slightly sweet, great-tasting California sparkling wine. It has aromas of green apple and tropical fruit, with flavors of lime and tangerine

• Gosset Champagne
From France. Pear, honeysuckle and vine flower aromas, slightly influenced by Pinot Noir

• Moet White Star
Extra Dry. Soft aromas of peach and a crisp, refreshing finish. Versatile enough to be in a cocktail.

• 1999 Bollinger
James Bond's favorite! Featured in books and various films. Flavor notes include apple, peach, apricot grapefruit and lemon.

New Year's Day Tip

Leave unused champagne out... the more subtle the bubbles, the better they work with juices for bellinis and mimosas.