Illinois Man Sues After Being Handcuffed for Wearing 'Police' T-Shirt

An Illinois man sued the Belleville Police Department after his arrest for wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the word "police," reports say.

Adam C. Weinstein, of St. Charles, Ill., sued the department for an alleged violation of his constitutional rights, reports.

Weinstein, who was arrested in 2006, wore a T-shirt with "police" written across the front and back beneath a sweater and exposed the T-shirt when he removed the sweater inside a Belleville bar, according to

According to the lawsuit, a waitress told Weinstein that officers wanted to speak with him outside the bar. Once outside, Belleville Police Officer Jeff Vernatti then asked Weinstein for his police credentials.

When Weinstein couldn't produce the credentials, Vernatti became physically and verbally abusive before being handcuffed and later released by the officer, according to the lawsuit.

Weinstein was ticketed for impersonating a police officer but it was later dismissed, reports.

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