Andy-Gram: Who Says Conservatives Aren't Funny?

Liberals always say that conservatives just aren't funny. And despite the fact that this has become a widely held belief, it's of course not true, as Penn and Teller, P.J. O'Rourke, Chris Buckley and countless others prove. (OK, maybe not countless, but there are at least another four or five.)

The people who aren't funny — and who don't know what funny is — are the people of any political stripe who view comedy through a partisan prism. On the left, they're the ones who say, "Dennis Miller used to be funny, before he became a conservative."

And on the right, they're Chip Saltsman.

Saltsman is running for chairman of the Republican National Committee and on Friday, he sent a Christmas present to RNC members: a 41-track comedy CD called We Hate the USA.

The album features songs like "Wright Place, Wrong Pastor"; "Love Client Number 9"; "Down on the Farm With Al Gore" and, of course, the not-at-all offensive classic: "Barack the Magic Negro."

Not only is this monumentally stupid, it's also unbelievable unfunny.

Look, I can get beyond the fact that it would be nice if somebody running for the head of the RNC would recognize that the party has lost its way; that in the minds of many Americans it doesn't really stand for anything any more; that it might not be the worst idea in the world for it to once again become a party of ideas, like it was back in the 1980s and early 1990s.

But to me, the one unforgivable thing Chip Saltsman has done is given ammunition to those on the left who say those on the right just aren't funny. And as Jerry Seinfeld said about the dentist who became a Jew for the jokes: It offends me as a comedian.

You've made my job harder, Chip. And for that, you, sir, are on my list.

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