Study: Restless Legs, Overactive Bladder May Trigger Orgasms in Women

A study recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine said restless legs and an overactive bladder could prompt orgasms in women suffering from persistent sexual arousal syndrome, the Indo-Asian News Service reported.

Neuropsychiatrist Marcel Waldinger of Utrecht University and The Hague’s Haga Hospital studied 18 Dutch women with the condition, which is also known as PSAS.

The study determined most women with PSAS had restless legs, pelvic varicosis and symptoms of an overactive bladder. Often, pelvic varicosis and restless vein syndrome are associated.

Women with PSAS feel unrelenting genital sensations, almost as if they are on the verge of an orgasm. Some women say the feeling can last for days.

“These results are a very important breakthrough in the research of this syndrome and show that this is a real physical disorder,” Waldinger said.

PSAS was mentioned in medical journals for the first time in 2001. It is important to note that sexual contact does not diminish the woman’s symptoms, but leads to further aggravation.

Waldinger said PSAS is a genital form of restless leg syndrome. Researchers will continue their research on how all the conditions are related.

“In order to emphasize this equivalence, we decided to change PSAS into restless genital syndrome,” Waldinger said.

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