Lingerie Football Player Sues Ex-Lover Over Nude Photos

A lingerie football league player is suing her ex-lover after he allegedly posted nude pictures of her on the Internet and emailed them to her mother.

Melissa Berry, a 24-year-old rookie linebacker with the Tampa Breeze franchise of the Lingerie Football League, is seeking $15,000 in unspecified damages from her ex-boyfriend Mark Dawson, a 45-year-old safe dating expert, whom she dated earlier this fall.

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According to Berry’s lawsuit against Dawson, she took nude photographs of herself with his cell phone. Another photo of her engaged in a “particularly private, intimate sexual act,” was also allegedly taken without her permission, the Tampa Tribune said.

Berry claims that she never intended on the photos being shown to anyone else. But shortly after their break-up, Dawson showed two of the pictures to Berry’s friends at a nightclub, the Tribune said.

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Berry then destroyed Dawson’s phone. In return, Dawson sent a text message to Berry’s mother on Nov. 10 demanding $500 for the phone’s damages, or he would publicly release the photos. Berry refused, and Dawson then posted the pictures and emailed them to her mother.

“I could have had her arrested and I didn’t,” Dawson said, defending his actions. “All I wanted was this phone back. I am a decent guy … It’s girls like this I fight against in the work that I do.”

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