Michael Lohan Claims Lindsay's Girlfriend Penned Blog About His Alleged Love Child

The bad blood between Michael Lohan and Samantha Ronson just gets worse.

The other day, Lindsay Lohan's dad angrily denied his daughter's claim on her MySpace blog that he confessed to her he did in deed father a love child, Ashley Kaufman, following an affair with Kristi Kaufman.

"He cheated on my mother and that really sucks," Lindsay wrote.

Michael told People.com he be lieves there's a "99 percent chance" the missive was actually penned by Lindsay's girl friend.

Ronson laughed yester day about Michael's allegation.

"Ha! That's funny, but I don't ghost-write My Space blogs," the Sapphic record-spinner told Page Six. "Good thing he left that 1 percent window open so he wasn't 100 percent wrong for once."

Sam also told us she's gearing up for New Year's Eve.

"I'm DJing at Mansion in Miami and Lindsay is host ing," she said.

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