Miracle? Lifeless Mom Regains Pulse After Twins Born

A Sacramento family is experiencing its own Christmas miracle after doctors performed emergency surgery to save twins when they thought the mother was dying of a heart attack.

Theresa Fuavai-Fatu's heart stopped while she was at Mercy General Hospital in early November after complaining of having trouble breathing.

The 40-year-old mother was just 29-weeks pregnant and was not due until late January.

Without a pulse, she underwent an emergency Caesarean section, with doctors delivering a boy and a girl. As the obstetrician was closing the incision, the mother suddenly regained her pulse and opened her eyes.

Dr. Stephen Rossiter, the cardiac surgeon who treated the mother, says he has seen other attempts to free babies from an apparently dying mother during 40 years of practice — but never one when the mother and babies survived.

The mother and twins, named Marley and Myracle, are doing well. The father, pro wrestler Sam Fatu, speaking to the Sacramento Bee this week, said the three are his walking Christmas tree.

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