Judge Orders Release of Caylee Anthony Evidence

A judge ordered prosecutors Tuesday to turn over photos and X-rays of the remains of Caylee Anthony to defense attorneys for her mother, who is charged with murdering the Orlando toddler.

Orange County Circuit Judge Stan Strickland granted the request by defense attorneys who say those and other items, such as microscopic slides and autopsy reports, are needed so defense experts can conduct their own autopsy. Last week, the chief medical examiner in Orlando ruled the death a homicide, but said how Caylee Anthony died may never be known.

Caylee was 2 when she went missing in the summer, but her remains were not found until this month. Her mother, Casey Anthony, has been charged with the girl's murder.

The attorney for the toddler's grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony, said a public memorial service will be held for the little girl. The grandparents planned to hold a private service and a public memorial for Caylee, said attorney Brad Conway.

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Conway said the service won't be held until after a second autopsy on the remains is conducted.

A jail spokesman said Casey Anthony will not be able to attend a funeral or viewing for her daughter due to her charges and the associated safety and security risks.

Caylee's skeletal remains were found Dec. 11 by a meter reader in woods near the house where she lived with her mother and grandparents. The meter reader in August had phoned in his suspicions that something related to the case was in the swampy area. The Orange County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday released the 911 calls made by the meter reader, Roy Kronk, whose route covered the Anthony home and a school near the woods where he found the body.

The sheriff's office is investigating the response of deputies and dispatchers to those phone calls. A deputy came to the area after the first call but couldn't locate Kronk. The second call was referred to a tip line set up after Caylee's disappearance. A deputy met up with Kronk after the third call but cleared the scene as a place of interest.

In one of the August phone calls, Kronk described "something white and round" underneath a tree in the swamp. Kronk told the 911 dispatcher that he didn't want to get a better look of what it was because he feared rattlesnakes.

"I don't know what it is but it doesn't look like something that should be there," Kronk said.

In one of the calls, the dispatcher told Kronk to contact the tip line. Kronk was hesitant since he wanted to remain anonymous. The dispatcher assured him he could remain anonymous.

"Not if they find a freaking body," Kronk said.

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