Favorite 5: Volkswagen R32

Is it really possible that we called the Rabbit-esque Volkswagen R32 “just about perfect?”

Well, we did. And it is.

From a sonorous exhaust note that we’d be happy to download onto our iPod, to its brilliant dual-clutch automatic transmission, the R32 may not be the fastest kid its class, but it’s, by far, the most mature.

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Performance oriented all-wheel drive gives it balanced handling and confidently puts the 250 hp provided by its V-6 to the ground. Any kind of ground you happen to be driving on. Better still, not one ounce of hatchback practicality was taken out of the car to turn it into a road rocket.

The only disappointment is that VW only sent 5000 of them our way, and for some sadistic reason it won’t be doing it again in 2009. Our fingers will be crossed until 2010. We don't recommend trying to drive with crossed fingers.

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