Favorite 5: Nissan GT-R

We know, we know, we haven’t reviewed the Nissan GT-R yet. But we have driven it, and you’ll be able to read all about it right after you break your first New Year’s resolution.

If there’s a car that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who has the opportunity to experience it, this is the one. People call it Godzilla. Mechagodzilla is more like it. Twin turbocharged engine; all-wheel drive; dual-clutch gearbox; 0-60 mph faster than you can say 0-60 mph.

The GT-R grips the road with such tenacity that we can’t figure out how they get it off the ground to change the tires. Any turn, any speed, anytime.

It’s cheap, too. Well, $77,000 is cheap for some people, but considering what this car can do, it’s a bargain nonetheless.

Whether you are in it, or it is in your rearview mirror, you should fear this car. It will consume you.

Check FOX Car Report on January 8, 2009 for our full review of the Nissan GT-R.

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