Elaborate Sting Exposes 'Serial Mourners' Crashing British Funerals

A grieving daughter threw a fake wake in an elaborate sting on “serial mourners” who were crashing funerals across the United Kingdom, the London Telegraph reported.

Following the death of British journalist Alan Coren, his daughter Victoria placed an ad in the papers announcing his memorial service.

But an anonymous email tipped her off to a “serial mourner” named Terence Jolley, who was known to attend funeral services for strangers to gain access to free food, drink and company.

When a Terence Jolley, who claimed to work with her father at the British Broadcasting Corporation, asked to attend the service, Coren became suspicious of other guests she hadn’t heard of whose addresses didn’t match public records.

So Coren devised an elaborate plan to trap the funeral crashers in their own game — inventing a fictitious engineer and arts supporter called "Sir William Ormerod" and announcing his funeral in the newspapers, the Telegraph reported.

Within hours, Coren received e-mails from Jolley and nine others claiming to have known Sir William through his support of the arts.

After the sting, she told the Telegraph, "They kept quiet during the prayers. They all arrived promptly at the party afterwards and dug into the sandwiches."

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