Car-respondence - MINI-E

Penny for your thoughts?

I have a home with a garage. I have a job that involves a commute. I would even be willing to blog. I would not, however, consider paying over 10 thousand dollars to test a manufacturer's product. They can test it on their own "dime".

Trudy Masden

Kansas City

Achtung Detroit!

I would probably sell my German sports car and buy one if they are reasonably priced. Too bad GM and Chrysler aren’t smart enough to figure it out. This is the future.

Dennis Rossko

Not the Middle East Car of The Year

I think it’s absolutely great. OPEC will hate it though. HAHA

George Robinson

Buzz Buster

$850 a month! No way! They should pay me.

I pulled the plug on this one immediately.

Noel A Smith