Smashed Kurt Cobain Guitar Sold for $100G

A smashed guitar from the late grunge rocker Kurt Cobain has been sold to an unidentified private collector for $100,000.

Helen Hall, a broker in England, says it's the second highest known price for an item of Cobain memorabilia. The seller was the punk rocker Sluggo of The Grannies and Hullabaloo.

The sale was confirmed Tuesday by Jacob McMurray, senior curator at the Experience Music Project, where the taped-up Fender Mustang guitar in sunburst finish was displayed for a time. Agents of the buyer have contacted the museum.

McMurray says, "It's a really cool-looking guitar because it's smashed and held together with duct tape and Curt Cobain wrote on it."

Sluggo says he traded a working guitar for the smashed one during the first U.S. tour of Cobain's band, Nirvana.