Miracles: Facts, Faith and Fiction

Thursday, December 25 at 1 p.m. ET
Hosted by Lauren Green

When it comes to Miracles, are they fact or fiction? Or do they simply require a leap of faith?

Join host Lauren Green as FOX News explores what's really behind some pretty miraculous events:

The Bible says the universe was created in six days. Yet scientists compute that to billions of years. So, who's right? And does that mean some of us have been wrong?

Mankind has always looked to the heavens for a sign. And to believers, the Star of Bethlehem is still one of the most spectacular images of all time. But after some exploration, we found the star may not be a star at all.

You probably believe in the power of prayer -- especially the power to heal the sick. Meet a very special doctor whose prescription for good health includes prayer -- you'll be shocked at the results.

Plus, Handel's Messiah has become a Christmas classic and legend has it Handel was divinely inspired. We'll show you the harmony between fact and fiction.