The case of a missing Florida girl has gripped the country since July, when her family reported her missing a month after she disappeared. Now, with authorities confirming Friday that the remains found this month in a wooded area near Orlando are those of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, takes a look at some people who have been figures in the investigation and will play roles in the court case.

Caylee Anthony: The 2-year-old Florida girl disappeared in mid-June. Her mother didn't report her missing for a month and only talked to police when the girl's grandmother called 911. Her remains were found by a water meter reader Dec. 11, and forensic confirmation was announced Friday.

Casey Anthony: The mother of Caylee Anthony was charged first-degree murder of her daughter, child abuse, aggravated manslaughter and four counts of lying to investigators about the girl's disappearance. Police say evidence found in the trunk of her Pontiac Sunfire showed a decomposing body had been kept there. She's been called a "habitual liar" by friends and was photographed partying at Orlando-area bars, while her daughter was missing. The 22-year-old maintains she is innocent, that a baby sitter took Caylee.

George and Cindy Anthony: Caylee's grandparents, Casey's parents. Cindy Anthony was the first to call police — with Casey Anthony nearby — to report that her granddaughter was missing and her daughter's car smelled like death. George and Cindy have communicated openly with the media during much of the investigation — but they've also clashed with protesters who have been a fixture on their Orlando lawn. George Anthony is a former police officer and testified before the grand jury that indicted his daughter.

Roy Kronk: He revealed himself Friday as the previously anonymous utility worker who found Caylee Anthony's remains in a wooded area a short distance from her grandparents' home. Kronk first called police on Aug. 11 to report a bag by the side of the road. On Aug. 12, he called a crime hotline, and on Aug. 13, Kronk called cops a third time and met with them. Police maintain Kronk was a concerned citizen acting on his own tip when he came across the remains, and they say he is not a suspect in the Caylee Anthony investigation.

Jose Baez: Casey Anthony's lead defense attorney. Baez has a regular presence in the courtroom and in front of reporters throughout much of the investigation. Since Caylee Anthony's remains were found, he and his defense team have affirmed Casey's innocence, accused police of lying to the press and suggested they could be tampering with evidence at the site.

Kevin Beary: The Orange County Sheriff. His department, along with the FBI, have led the Caylee Anthony investigation. His department is facing scrutiny over why investigators failed to find the remains of Caylee Anthony when Roy Kronk first pointed them to the wooded area. An internal investigation was launched. Beary called the investigation a "nightmare case" on Friday but finally was able to declare the search for Caylee is over.

Zenaida Gonzalez: The woman falsely named as Caylee Anthony's baby sitter and kidnapper. She claims Casey Anthony cost her a job, her family's privacy and life as she knew it. Gonzalez, a Kissimmee, Fla. resident filed a defamation lawsuit against Casey Anthony. She says she never met the family or heard of them until she got a call from police that she was under investigation in Caylee Anthony's disappearance. Casey Anthony still maintains there is a baby sitter out there who took her daughter, even if it isn't Gonzalez.

John Azzilano: The nightlife photographer who snapped Casey Anthony partying at an Orlando club called Fusion June 20 — around the time when she said her daughter disappeared.'s Michelle Maskaly contributed to this report.