Man Who Found Caylee's Remains Says He 'Spotted Something Suspicious'

For more than a week he was known only as a water meter reader -- the man who on Dec. 11 found a skull and other remains believed to have belonged to an Orlando girl missing for six months.

But after Orange County authorities came forward Friday to confirm that forensic tests had proved the remains to be Caylee Anthony, the man who found her also came forward.

His name is Roy Kronk, and he said Friday that he found the skeletal remains while working near the home of Caylee's grandparents.

He said he also had notified authorities in August that he had "spotted something suspicious — a bag" in the same area -- but he declined to elaborate further, saying only that he continues to cooperate with the investigation.

Kronk's attorney, David Evans, said he came forward to deter the media from pursuing his co-workers. Evans said Kronk would make no further statements.

Evans called Kronk a "concerned citizen" with no other connection to the case.

Authorities have ruled the cause of Caylee's death a homicide by underdetermined means. The Orange County Sheriff's Department, meanwhile, has begun an internal investigation to determine why police failed to find the remains after receiving Kronk's tips in August.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.