iMag's Top Halloween Flick Picks

Looking for a good scare this Halloween? No need to even leave the house. iMag has put together a list of the 13 scariest horror flicks ever to grace the silver screen so you can create your own fright fest right in your living room. Gather a group of your closest buddies, grab some Halloween candy, shut the lights, and pop in one of the choices below…if you dare.

13. Child’s Play – Nothing screams Halloween more to us than a creepy talking doll. Chucky, the 2ft tall freckled face murderer that terrorizes poor Andy Barclayand his family, may seem ridiculous, but boy did it haunt some of our dreams when we were children. And for former 7th Heaven fans, you guys are in for a real trick-or-treat. Annie Camden, mother of the Camden clan, played by Catherine Hicks, is Andy’s mother in the film. So retro!

12. Predator – Before he became the governor of California , Arnold Schwarzenegger was busy fighting for his life against an extra-terrestrial hunter alongside Jesse Ventura, another political figure, in this 1987 sci-fi horror flick. The Predator’s true identity is not revealed until the near end of the film but we promise you, when you see its vile mug you will wish you kept your eyes closed. This horror flick went on to score an Oscar nomination in 1988 for special effects! Two words: heat vision.

11. Saw – Any of the Saw movies will have you wriggling and writhing like one of its torture victims. But with room for only one on our list, we’ve decided to go with the original. A killer who kills his prey without actually killing them? That’s a clever storyline if we ever heard one and don’t let his name fool you. “Jigsaw” may sound like it could be the name of a character on Howdy Doody rather than that of a menacing villain, but if you get on his bad side – you may find yourself prying your body from the “jaws of life” – literally. Stick this movie out ‘til the end, and you’re in for a real twist.

10. 28 Days Later – What is a horror movie list without a few zombies? We decided to go with this zombie flick, rather than the typical Night of the Living Dead, because we thought you girls out there might want to treat yourself to some eye candy this Halloween. Cillian Murphy is the protagonist in this film and has to fend for his life against a band of flesh eating blokes. (It takes place in London .) Expect to jump out of your seat …a lot. And if at parts you find the film too scary, you can always focus on Cillian’s blue eyes. It’s just our suggestion.

9. Alien – It’s movies like this that give E.T. a bad name. The plot follows Sigourney Weaver and her crew on a space mission that goes terribly wrong when a grotesque-looking alien makes its way onto their space craft. Watch this movie for the suspense and the infamous “alien in the stomach” scene. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

8. Amityville Horror – Who would have thought that the ultimate haunted house would be located somewhere in Long Island , New York ? Certainly not newlyweds George and Kathy Lutz. Based on a true story, this flick will have you checking your closets for more than just monsters.

7. Jaws – A Spielberg masterpiece, if you will, about a shark that terrorizes a coastal community. This film may not seem like much of a horror on the surface, but beneath the murky waters lies a merciless cold-blooded killer with vengeance in his heart and lunch on his mind. With a musical score sure to give you goosebumps, Jaws takes a serious bite out of the contenders on this list. Stay out of the Water!

6. Scream – Heavily popular in the 90’s, this movie was well..dare we say it… a real scream. This film with its star studded cast and a bleach-blonde Drew Barrymore, takes the prank phone call just one step further and analyzes classic horror movies along the way. Tons of thrills and lots of jumpy moments make for the ultimate scare! Watch this one alone and you’ll be avoiding all future phone calls and looking over your shoulder for weeks.

5. The Ring – Be kind. Please rewind! No thank-you. A mysterious video tape has surfaced and if watched, the person has just seven days to pass it on to someone else, or they’ll die! Doesn’t sound scary enough for you? Just ask the poor girl who was found in the closet. Her expression is priceless and the little boy who keeps calling his mother “Rachel” instead of “mommy” is pretty creepy too. This film starring Naomi Watts, was based on the Japanese movie Ringu. If you are feeling braver than most, rent the Japanese version. It’s even scarier!

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Nothing beats the original. No re-make could ever do the notorious Leather-face, one of the greatest horror villains of all time, justice! The whole vintage feel of this independent film creates a real eerie vibe and just knowing that this legend about a family of cannibals that tortured and ate their victims was based on a true story, is scary enough. In 1995, Renee Zellweger and Mathew McConaughey, star in the third sequel to spawn from the original. We wouldn’t waste our time but if you are into that eye candy, at least you now know where to look.

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street – The key to staying alive in this movie is simple – don’t go to sleep. Easier said than done. This film makes the “cut” (pun intended) for a number of reasons. Haunting the dreams of teens everywhere since the mid 1980’s, Freddy Krueger is a staple in the horror movie genre. To leave him off the list would be a “nightmare” in itself. Also, who wouldn’t want to watch a young Johnny Depp in action!

2. Halloween – With its inspiration coming from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, this movie is arguably considered the ultimate in “slasher” flicks. The story of the masked murderer Michael Myers and his thirst for teenage blood spawned a countless number of sequels but it’s the original starring a young Jamie Lee Curtis that steals our hearts around this time every year. With a haunting score, more notably, the film’s main theme, Halloween is the horror flick that strikes all the right chords.

1. Friday the 13th – Our pick for number one goes to a movie with the title that shares the most unlucky date in history. Although there’s a killer who murders a bunch of promiscuous camp counselors, there isn’t much to the plot of Friday the 13th. It’s pretty cut and dry. However, it’s the conceived notion that everyone believes the hockey mask wearing killer in this film is Jason Voorhees and not his mother, Mrs. Voorhees, that gets everyone by surprise! Take that M. Night Shyamalan!

Honorable Mentions - If you aren’t in the mood for a good scare then you might want to opt for some horror genre inspired comic relief. Shawn of the Dead is a great film to watch with a few buds. Not only is it a smart and clever take on zombie films but is actually very good. The Scary Movie franchise is also a suggestion you might want to consider. It spoofs most of the movies on this list, and then some. Little Shop of Horrors and The Rocky Horror Picture Show – if you are in the mood for a musical! And of course, there is always The Great Pumpkin staring Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang. However, if you plan to rent that one, we’re calling you a wuss!

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