Time Magazine Head to Join Obama Administration

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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: So as 2008 comes to a close, Time Magazine picks its Person of the Year, and to no one's surprise, Time has chosen President-elect Barack Obama to grace the cover. This honor comes as the magazine's Washington bureau chief, Jay Carney, leaves his post to become Joe Biden's director of communication.

Joining us now with reaction, president of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell; FOX News political analyst Kirsten Powers.

Kirsten, he is the quintessential person for this award. This is what this award was made for, Time is saying. And what a shock that somebody from Time magazine, their bureau chief, would go and work for Joe Biden. I am shocked. You know.

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KIRSTEN POWERS, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: But you're not really saying that that's why he's the Man of the Year. There's no connection between Jay Carney. I mean, you don't think he would have been the Man of the Year anyway?

HANNITY: I'm not really surprised about that. I'll tell you what I'm surprised at: the comments by, I guess it was, the editor who made the comments, that this award was quintessentially made for him.

You know what? There have been a lot of great people over the years. I know this burst Obama of the "yes, we can" chanting, Obama mania media, but there are other good leaders in the world besides a man who's done nothing so far.

POWERS: Yes, Yes... well, there are other great leaders in the world, but I think that — I think whenever they do this award, they tend to be a little overly flowery in the language and how they talk about people if they're being positive. And I don't think it's...

HANNITY: You don't think when they picked Gorbachev over Reagan, that one? Reagan ended the Cold War, not Gorbachev.

POWERS: I don't think it's specific to Obama. But look, I'm sorry, I think it is — I think Obama has done an amazing thing here. His campaign was amazing. The election...

HANNITY: I read your column. He's doing an amazing job handling the Blagojevich matter.

POWERS: And they have — they're having a little problem right now.

HANNITY: A little problem there now.

POWERS: Overall, it is a no-brainer that he is the Man of the Year.

HANNITY: All right. Brent Bozell, look, I don't — the Obama story is a pretty amazing story. No one — no one is denying that. I think the real story could have been if I was doing — maybe the death of journalism in 2008, how they didn't — it was not the proper scrutiny, I think, leading into the election. Not a sore loser, but just a fact.

But are you surprised at the glowing coverage that he still continues to get?

BRENT BOZELL, MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER: Oh, yes. It's going to continue.

Look, I think Time Magazine can defend naming him the Man of the Year. They normally name the winner of a presidential election campaign the Man of the Year. That's not the issue. The issue is what's inside the magazine, the way they wrote this story.

Sean, it's an embarrassment. If you go to the Obama-for-president camp, to his site, you won't see the kind of language that Time Magazine puts in a news story.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Welcome to the show, by the way, Kirsten. Nice to see you again.

So you're not upset that they named him Man of the Year. You're upset that they defended the choice of naming him Man of the Year?

BOZELL: No, Sean — Sean, I'm...

COLMES: I'm Alan.

BOZELL: I'm embarrassed for Time Magazine. Look at this quote. I mean, Kirsten says that they're flowery. Get this: "We are all accustomed to that Obi-Wan Kenobi calm..."


BOZELL: "... but we may never entirely understand it." What the hell are they talking about?

COLMES: You know what? It just drives you crazy. It warms my heart, Brent. This drives conservatives crazy.

It's a good choice. As they normally do, they defend the choice. Whenever they pick a Person of the Year — I think one year it was a computer, it wasn't even a person — they make a very eloquent defense of why they did it. What are they going to bad-mouth the guy after they pick him?

BOZELL: Look, look, if you go back, and you look at the Man of the Year covers that they gave to George Bush or to Ronald Reagan, it was not a press release for those two. Go back and read those pieces.

COLMES: Aw. They're so upset about...


BOZELL: ... Time Magazine announces there's no longer a Republican Party...


COLMES: Let Kirsten respond. Go ahead.

POWERS: We're talking about — they're still upset about how Ronald Reagan was treated.


POWERS: And maybe that's a fair criticism over the time when he was president, but when Ronald Reagan won versus when Barack Obama won, they're not analogous situations.


POWERS: What Barack Obama just did was something pretty incredible on a lot of different levels, and I just don't know why people can't — you know, I understand the beef also that he gets — you know, he gets an easy pass by the press sometimes.

COLMES: And to pick up on...

POWERS: ... he's the Man of the Year. No big deal.

COLMES: ... what Kirsten is saying, he broke a glass ceiling. He broke many glass ceilings. He defeated the Clinton machine, which should make you happy. He faces one of the most enormous tasks of any incoming president, cleaning up the mess that's been left by the last eight years. He's got a lot on his plate, and he has punctured all kinds of preconceived notions on who our president would be.

BOZELL: Alan, I don't mind — if Time Magazine wrote that story, I wouldn't mind it in the least. I think it would be perfectly fair. I'm just saying look at the story. It is an embarrassment. They're falling all over themselves.

COLMES: You should graciously accept the...

BOZELL: Looking at him like the new messiah.

COLMES: Let's graciously accept the new messiah.

BOZELL: I'm not angry; I'm embarrassed.

COLMES: Brent, nice to see you.

Kirsten, nice to see you.

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