Tennessee City Employee Can't Explain Why She Faked Breast Cancer

A Chattanooga city employee who for five years claimed to have breast cancer while accepting donations of leave time and money from co-workers says in an e-mail that her story was a "charade" and she doesn't know why she did it.

Thirty-seven-year-old Keele Maynor also received support for years from nonprofit cancer groups.

Chattanooga mayor's office spokesman Richard Beeland said officials are investigating whether to take legal action against Maynor, who took 194 days of leave donated by co-workers. Beeland said she also accepted money from them.

In a Dec. 12 e-mail to her supervisor obtained by The Associated Press on Thursday, Maynor says she is relieved she doesn't have to "keep up the charade anymore."

WRCB-TV first reported questions about Maynor's sudden resignation as an administrative assistant in Chattanooga's land development department.