Evan Rachel Wood Says Movie Helped Solve Her 'Daddy Issues'

Mickey Rourke may be getting all of the attention for his comeback role in "The Wrestler," but co-star Evan Rachel Wood may end up getting the biggest payback from the movie: her father, Ira David Wood III.

Wood plays an estranged daughter to Rourke's professional wrestler, Randy "The Ram" Robinson, in the film. It turns out the role wasn't too far from reality.

"I definitely personally relate to it," Wood told Fox News at the film's premiere in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. "I came equipped with my own daddy issues, and the film actually helped me deal with a lot of them. Every emotion you see on screen is completely real for me."

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Wood, 21, says working through her emotions through her character helped her come to terms with her real-life dad, who is also an actor.

"It really has changed my life," she said. "I’ve got a great relationship with my father now. I never thought that I’d be able to have the courage to step up and make that move. Which only gives me hope that it will do the same for other people in my position."

Wood is going through a lot of personal transformations recently. She ended her relationship with rocker Marylin Manson in November, and while she denied she and Mickey Rourke were an item a few weeks ago, Wood said she's ecstatic with the attention her movie dad is getting.

"["The Wrestler"] is about doing whatever it takes you to follow your dreams," she said. "You make your mark and you become a legend, and that’s what Mickey did in real life."