Eddie Murphy as the Riddler? Rumors Fly Over 'Batman 3'

As Oscar buzz swirls around “The Dark Knight,” gossip over the caped crusader’s next big screen adventure has graced the pages of the British tabloids, with some unlikely candidates rumored to fill some classic roles.

The U.K.’s Sun newspaper reports that veteran funnyman Eddie Murphy has reportedly been selected to become the Riddler, although it was widely speculated that “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Johnny Depp was up for the green-clad madman.

However, Murphy's rep told Access Hollywood the rumors are, "not true."

Murphy’s career has faltered recently, with “Norbit” and “Meet Dave” flopping at the box office. If the U.K. rumors are true, it could be the shot of adrenaline that Murphy needs.

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Other actors rumored to be joining Christian Bale and Michael Caine in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman film are Shia LeBeouf as loyal sidekick Robin and Rachel Weisz as the Catwoman.

It may also be a good time to resurrect early reports of Philip Seymour Hoffman as the Penguin.

While Batman usually gets top-billing and most of the credit in Gotham City, there’s a particular attraction to the hero’s gallery of villains. Most recently, Heath Ledger’s dark interpretation of the Joker has led to demand for a posthumous Oscar. Just don’t remind Jack Nicholson.

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