Offensive Anti-Skin Cancer Video Burning up 'Net'

A controversial anti-skin cancer video is bouncing around the internet.

The motive for the "It's a Beautiful Day for Cancer" clip, by an Australian rapper called Al Bino, is being debated by online users who are unsure if it is part of a viral marketing campaign or a musical rant by an up-and-coming new artist.

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The clip on YouTube features an evil-looking head, which emerges from a mole on a shirtless man’s back, and sings along with Al Bino until the man is dead.

"Damn, you really should have worn my hat and glasses, because your skin tone looks like black molasses," the song lyrics say.

The Cancer Council of Australia said it had no involvement in the song.

A New South Wales Cancer Council spokesperson said: "Cancer Council supports the Al Bino song. We've heard the lyrics. It's a great song and hope it catches on."

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