Leo Says 'Revolutionary Road' Love Scenes With Kate 'Totally Normal'

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are back together onscreen for the first time since their blockbuster to beat all blockbusters, "Titanic."

Their new film, "Revolutionary Road," which held its world premiere Monday in Los Angeles, follows a couple searching for the secret to happiness, like their iconic "Titanic" characters Jack and Rose.

So was it daunting trying to recreate the magic they captured on that famous sinking ship?

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"I think because we knew that 'Revolutionary Road was so different to 'Titanic' that it was almost like the pressure was off," Winslet explained on the red carpet at the Mann Village Theater. "And we’re so different now, you know, as people and as actors, that it was just a clean slate."

DiCaprio agreed that the material in "Revolutionary Road" took the actors, who have eight Academy Award nominations between them, to different places than "Titanic."

"It was a deeper experience because this is a much more hardcore, emotional piece," said DiCaprio. "It's some of the most unnerving, voyeuristic dialogue that I ever read.You almost feel like you shouldn’t be in these intimate conversations between these two people. You feel like you should sort of run away."

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Winslet agreed that the script was an emotional challenge, but said the payoff was obvious. "The dialogue was amazing, and the possibility of working with Leo again was just too irresistible," Winslet said. "I mean, he’s the best actor of his generation, and I got to stand alongside him again, and I hope to do it again and again and again."

DiCaprio is also ready for the next Winselt-DiCaprio production. "I would love to work with Kate anytime. We really took advantage of the fact that we have such a great friendship and comfort level with each other."

It's a comfort level that makes its way to the film's bedroom scenes as well. "Kate and I had done a movie for nine months where we’re doing love sequences throughout an entire boat," DiCaprio laughed, referring to "Titanic." "So it was like totally normal to me."