Dad's Alternative Medicine Treatment Leaves Daughter, 11, Brain-Damaged, Near Death

An 11-year-old girl ended up deathly ill and brain-damaged after her alternative medicine devotee father refused to take her to a hospital, the Australian Associated Press reports.

The Brisbane District Court in Brisbane, Australia was told Tuesday that the girl was gravely ill when she was finally admitted to Toowoomba Base Hospital in September 2006.

She had been suffering from a heart infection for two weeks before her 45-year-old father finally took her to hospital.

At the hospital, the girl was found to have a temperature of 107 degrees. She was also hallucinating and weak, pale and could no longer walk, according to the report.

The court was told her mouth was peeling, black and clogged from the alternative medicine her father had been giving her in extremely high doses.

The doctor who examined her said she was the sickest girl he had seen in 35 years.

The girl was in a coma after surgery because of bleeding on the brain. She now uses a wheelchair, has vision problems and suffers from ongoing cognitive and motor skill decline.

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