British Prison Bans Crucifix From New Chapel to Avoid Offending Muslim Inmates

A British prison has decided not to include a crucifix in the décor of its new chapel for fear of offending Muslim inmates.

The ‘multi-faith space’ at HMP Lewes is divided in two sections, according to the Daily Mail. One half-features heated footbaths for Muslim worshipers; the other side, dedicated to Christian prayer, features a removable altar and a plain wooden cross – also removable.

Plans to include the traditional Christian crucifix were erased from the chapel’s blueprints on the advice of a Muslim imam, the Daily Mail reported.

“We see this as a vastly improved facility and very much welcome the fact that the prison has an imam.” Amanda Hamblin, chair of the prison’s Independent Monitoring Board told the Mail.”

A source from the prison disagreed, reportedly telling the Mail, “It’s just the normal PC brigade poking its nose in when it isn’t needed.”

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