Survey: 92 Percent of Women Like to Go 'Solo'

More women than ever before are taking time out to pleasure themselves, a survey revealed Wednesday.

The poll found nine out of 10 are regularly taking time out for some solo action — the highest number ever.

And two-thirds of women admit to pleasuring themselves three times a week, with women in London finding the time for four sessions every seven days.

The Gossard Big M Survey confidentially quizzed more than 1,000 U.K. women aged 18 to 30 with an extensive questionnaire to find out all about their sexual attitudes, habits, fantasies and practices.

“It’s no wonder more and more women are self-pleasuring when you look at how liberated we’ve become in other areas of our lives and the shot of mood boosting hormones orgasm gives us,” said leading woman’s coach, Jessica Chiver.

“One of the best things about pleasing ourselves is that it gives us more confidence when we’re intimate with our partners — we communicate better and feel more satisfied which is good for everyone.”

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