Prime Minister Brown Says Britain 'Saved the World' in Bailout Speech Blunder

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had a major slip of the tongue Wednesday when he accidentally said Britain "saved the world" from the credit crisis, when he meant to say his financial bailout plan had rescued the U.K. banking system, the Daily Mail reported.

"The first point of recapitalization was to save banks that would otherwise have collapsed. We not only saved the world …" Brown said to the British parliament before quickly realizing his blunder.

Blushing with embarrassment, Brown quickly corrected himself saying they had "saved the banks," not the world, but the room fell apart with laughter regardless.

The prime minister went on to say, "The opposition may not like the fact that we led the world in saving the banking system — but we did," the Mail said.

Brown's critics wasted no time using his gaffe to argue he did not have Britain's best interests in mind.

'"Well, it's now on the record," the Mail quoted Tory leader David Cameron. "He's so busy talking about saving the world he's forgotten about the businesses of this country."

Brown was not amused by the laughter or the criticism.

"We are prepared to take the action that is necessary but accept that it costs money," Brown said of Cameron's criticism. "It is no good him complaining about extra borrowing if he is not prepared to take the action that is necessary to help small businesses."

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