Man's Assisted Suicide to Air on British TV

A television documentary to be broadcast for the first time in the UK will show a former university professor with motor neuron disease ending his own life.

The documentary, airing on the Sky Real Lives program 'Right to Die' Wednesday night, shows 59-year-old Craig Ewert drinking a lethal dose of barbiturates through a straw and using his mouth to turn off the switch to his ventilator.

A doctor is seen checking his pulse and pronouncing him dead.

The documentary shows Ewert, an American who moved to the UK after taking early retirement, in his final moments at the controversial Dignitas clinic in Zurich, Switzerland.

His wife of 37 years, Mary, accompanied him and has defended the decision to allow the cameras inside the clinic, which helps people commit suicide.

“I am tired of the disease but I am not tired of living. I still enjoy life enough that I would like to continue but the thing is that I really cannot," Craig Ewert said on the documentary.

Ewert feared the disease would end up choking him to death.

''You can watch only so much of yourself drain away before you look at what is left and say 'This is an empty shell,''' he said. "Once I become completely paralyzed then I am nothing more than a living tomb that takes in nutrients through a tube in the stomach - it's painful.''

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