First Photos of Ricky Martin's 4-Month Old Twins

World, meet Matteo and Valentino Martin.

The 4-month-old twin boys may have been birthed by a surrogate, but overjoyed dad Ricky Martin is taking care of the rest!

"I don't have a nanny," the singer tells People magazine. "I'm doing this on my own because I don't want to miss a moment."

But Ricky isn't totally on his own.

Click for photos of the twins and Ricky Martin.

"I have a personal assistant who helps me, someone who takes care of me while I'm taking care of them," he explains. "But I'm the one who changes the diapers, the one that feeds them, the one that bathes them, the one that puts them to sleep."

Martin, 36, spoke With People from his home in Puerto Rico, and let them in on some of his new daddy routine.

"I love to read books to my sons and tell them stories," he said. "I play music for them so they develop their own personalities."

Maybe a little "La Vida Loca" before bed?

For more on Ricky and the twins, go to For the full interview and more photos, pick up the new issue of People on stands Friday.