car-respondence - Chevrolet Malibu

Sibling Bliss

I just helped my sister buy a new Malibu and she could not be happier with it. The 4 cylinder has plenty of power for her, she loves the quietness and the room of the interior. She wanted to give an American car a chance and she is glad she did. I think GM hit a home run with this car.

Phil Sudduth

Corn Fed Fuel Economy

One important thing was forgotten and is constantly forgotten in this kind of evaluation.

If all those cars came from the factory with the flex-fuel capability people would be able to switch between gasoline and ethanol, thus diminishing our dependence on oil, which makes us send zillions of dollars every years to countries that hate us (and part of the money, no doubt about it, ends up in terrorists' hands), please, in the next one, do not forget the flex-fuel part of it

Many thanks!!

(P.S.- my company has nothing to do with flex-fuel.)

Max Blankfeld

FCR: Yea, but what about your stock portfolio?

Prime Time Ride

I love my new Malibu Hybrid. It is just as smooth and enticing as the Fox News Prime-Time line-up! Tell Meghan Kelly I said “hey”.

Your Pal,

Capt. James E. Poteat

FCR: Prime Time? Meghan Kelly? At least he said he’s our pal. You did mean that, right?