The New Year's Resolution Pre-test

A quick search on the internet confirmed my latest suspicion. There are certain New Year’s resolutions that seem to be on everyone’s list. But if that’s the case, then it also infers that come December, whatever progress you made in the past 12 months has gone totally out the window, if you made any at all.

So my friends, I’ve decided to help you out this year. Consider it a “pre-test”. I am going to tackle the most popular (and perhaps even obtainable) resolutions for you, beginning now. Oh yes. I will relentlessly try to overcome my aversion to the gym, my affinity for oh-so-yummy cookies/chocolate/cupcakes (you get my drift), and my love affair of lazy-not-getting-off-the-couch-Sundays in pursuit of becoming a better, fitter, and smarter human all around.

I will also diligently record whatever thoughts, progress, and/or annoyed grievances I feel during this next month. So, by the time New Year’s really rolls around, you will have the handy results of my (very unscientific but thorough) experiments to decide what will really help you in your quest to become, well… the person you really want to be.

So, here goes nothing.

Resolution #1: Lose weight

Ok. I’ll admit it. Three wonderful summer months in a Hamptons house, equipped with not one, but two state of the art gas grills and a seemingly bottomless margarita glass might have taken its toll. (Note: it was worth every delicious bite/sip/and subsequent dress size).

But now it’s time to get down to business.

So, I’ve armed myself with a heart rate monitor/fitness watch, printed out my gym class schedule, and I’m ready to go. Why a watch you ask? Well if you’re like me, the difference between what you think you did at the gym and what you actually did at the gym is probably a little off.

Lucky for us, Polar USA has taken the guesswork out of counting calories (the important ones that you’re actually burning, not eating). And the new watches are also more user-friendly and stylish (less PC, more MAC).

And, in true “first-day-of-my-newfound-fitter-lifestyle”, I have been to the gym, not once but twice. Already. And it’s only 3:00. And I’m hooked on the fact that this brilliant watch tells me if I’m in a “fat-burning” or “fitness” zone, and how many calories I really burned (which is way more then the elliptical machine says I burned).

Resoution #2: Improve my academic excellence (a.k.a. learn something impressive to brag about at next family gathering)

This was not as hard to narrow down as you might think. After a few minutes perusing the latest “For Dummies” titles, I decided there might be better ways for me to spend my time then becoming a master dream interpreter, or a really skilled masseuse.

So I’m revisiting my middle-school days and taking up a language using the Rosetta Stone language software. But since I’ve spent years learning how to speak fluent Spanish (ok… I know how to find a bathroom and also order coffee), I’ve decided to challenge myself and try my hand at Mandarin.

Resolution 3: Get healthier

In my opinion this sort of goes hand in hand with #1, but nutrition has always been an issue for me. I’m a single girl on the go and have no time (and by “time” I mean “I don’t like” to cook). So I’m giving Nu-Kitchen meal delivery a shot. Everyday they deliver three meals and two snacks—that I get to choose online every day—and they claim it’s not only healthy, but that I can expect to drop some lb's. I guess we’ll see about that, but all I can say is the first two meals were DELICIOUS.

Resolution 4: Improve my overall appearance

Listen up. A white smile is not a “happy” smile, it’s the only smile. It’s the first thing people see when they meet you and yellow teeth are just not acceptable. You wouldn’t go to an interview or on a date with stained clothes… and from now on, you certainly won’t go to either with a stained mouth.

I am testing three products. On the cheaper end I’m trying out Crest Whitestrips. Higher up on the scale, I’m also testing GoSmile’s two-step smile program. And the most expensive option is a whitening pen from Liquid Smile.

So over the next three weeks I will dedicate myself to these resolutions and then at the end I will evaluate all these products and let you know which, if any, actually do what they purport to do … right after this last cookie.

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