New Deodorant Said to Slow Underarm Hair Growth

If you regularly forget to shave your underarms, a new product headed for drugstores in England could work well for you.

A deodorant that promises to slow the growth of underarm hair will go on sale next month, London’s Daily Mail reported.

The deodorant Sure Dove Hair Minimizing, made by Unilever, which manufactures American-based products like Slimfast and Vaseline, comes in a roll-on and sprayform.

The company said women should notice a difference after four weeks of use, however, if they stop using the product, the hair will grow back.

The deodorant is not intended to replace shaving, but it will reduce skin irritation caused by ingrown hairs, the company claims. It will also make the hair less noticeable and easier to remove.

The deodorant should only be used in the underarm area, according to the report.

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