Jen Aniston and Owen Wilson Give Awkward Interview

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson just gave a really weird interview.
The two stars of the upcoming movie Marley & Me are on the promotion circuit. Both have had highly publicized problems in the past few years: Aniston with her breakups from Brad Pitt and Vince Vaughn; and Wilson with his reported suicide attempt last year.
Apparently, the wounds for both are still fresh, and the publicity that surrounded them, perhaps understandably, not appreciated.

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Early on in their sit-down interview with "USA Today," both are happily chatting about how much they love their dogs: Jen her shepherd mix Dolly and corgi mix Norman, and Wilson his Austrlian cattle dog Garcia.
Then the interviewer asks Aniston what its like having people pry into her personal life, to which she uncharacteristically responds: "I think it's ridiculous. There's just this insatiable need. I also haven't had a movie in a long time, so hopefully this is going to create something else to talk about and realize that I have a job, and I'm an actress."
But she isn't done. A couple of questiosn later, she continues: "I am honestly getting sick of it, and I feel like telling people, "You know what? It's none of your (expletive) business."
Soon after that, when the interviewer asks if dogs can help you get through tough times, Wilson apparently just walks out.
Aniston asks the interviewer: "You're talking about the stupid stuff? Yes."
Wilson returns and chats amiably about dogs for a little while longer, then walks out again after another seemingly innocuous question, before returning again to finish off the tense encounter.
What exactly was going on? Read the full interview at USA Today and judge for yourself.