Astrology and Your Career

Let’s face it. We’re in a recession. We can go back and forth on whether or not this is simply an economic slowdown or acknowledge that with unemployment rates at a thirty year high, it is what it is. Who isn’t afraid of losing their job? Not me. The reality is that every market is affected by this receding economic tide. The financial markets affect the housing markets which affect the automotive industries, then advertisers, the media, food distributors, farms, small businesses, health care, etc. You name it, we are all in this together and no one can escape it entirely.

That being said, the universe works on a principle of cause and effect, reaping and sowing, or karma as some religions call it. Science has determined it to be an absolute law. Right now, we are in the thick of a financial crunch, but that doesn’t mean that things will continue to decline interminably. The reality is that everything goes in cycles. To know this is an astrologer’s strength for our goal is to analyze the cycle of time and how it plays out for each of us in our daily lives. By doing so, we attempt to offer hope and direction in how to best channel your energy free from fear of an impeding doom.

While December won’t be the end to most of our monetary difficulties, and for some of us this may just be beginning, it does not have to be a time of hopelessness and dread. Rather, by focusing on the choices we can make to better our lives and the lives of those around us, we raise ourselves to a higher way of thinking by acknowledging that with every challenge we encounter, there is a new lesson learned. What is going on now is an effect of the scientific principle of inertia. An object in motion tends to stay in motion until an equal and opposite force acts upon it to cause it to move in another direction. My number one piece of advice this month is to be that economic force for yourself.

Here is the pattern of the energy of time that will surround you over the next month. Using it to your advantage is the best way to bulletproof your career in the coming year ahead.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22nd through December 21st)

Happy birthday Sagittarius! The days leading up until the 12th are a time for you to begin to cash in on any investment you have made over the last year. Be aware that there may be some emotional outbursts on that day with things seeming to settle over the week thereafter. You have less than one month to complete any plans you have already put into action before you will begin to see the results of your efforts. After January, it will not be as easy to start something new.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd through January 19th)

Happy birthday to you Capricorn! You are coming upon the end of a cycle of introspection where mere thought has had the ability to cast a pall upon your reality. After December 12th, your thinking will be clear again and from the 26th onward, you will be the go-to guy when it comes to getting something done. Take charge of the power that comes to your disposal in the beginning of January as fortune will be smiling on you as long as you have faith.

AQUARIUS (January 20th through February 18th)

Friends in high places are still at your disposal now, and through the end of the month. Take advantage of them through the 26th and you will see your economic payback later. Next year is a big one for you, so although you may have seen some dreams come to an end lately, the ones that are waiting to be born are truly breathtaking. Make a toast to 2009. It will be a year for celebration!

PISCES (February 19th through March 20th)

Generally, you have been out of sorts in partner related matters for some time now. The coming months will not see that changing, however, from January 5th onward, you will have an angel on your shoulder protecting you and your best interests. When you hear that voice coming from deep within, trust it as it is guiding you on a level that most of us disconnect within our daily lives. Your future is defined by you, so pay attention to the company you keep and if there are people with whom you associate that offer nothing but pain and heartache, you will know so as soon as the New Year begins. Cut them out where you can.

ARIES (March 21st through April 19th)

Burn through the rest of the year with the final boost of energy that is at your disposal in all career related matters. You have certainly not shown the world all of the power you have in storage, so make sure that what you want is known to your employers and have a take no prisoner attitude. If you do not, more likely than not, you will end up being your own prisoner as a result of your own actions. Burn baby burn.

TAURUS (April 20th through May 20th)

If you have felt your career stalling over the past couple of months, be sure to continue educating yourself in how your field operates from the inside out. Right now with your zest for learning at an all time high, you can be sure to broaden knowledge of your field and implement your lessons learned with action. The inside scoop you glean from a professor or the pages you read will be sure to have a cosmic effect on your coiffeurs by next summer.

GEMINI (May 21st through June 20th)

Your thinking has been steered by partnerships for the past few months and the desire to have their approval when it comes to making any business related decisions. By December 26th, you will have determined which ones matter and which ones do not so take the time thereafter to do what you choose to do with less concern for their opinions. You are not necessarily a person who ever needs to be in control, but I advise you to want to take control of your financial matters before you lose any and all of your power. Be straightforward with your intentions now because by the end of January, things will seem confusing like they were a couple of months ago. Stay in the clear.

CANCER (June 21st through July 22nd)

Hooray Cancer! There’s a great new road ahead for you in the coming year. While your footing may have seemed off-kilter due to challenges from your rivals, you are sure to reign supreme now that all of your opposition has fallen. The decisions you make today will pay dividends in the months to come. By January 1st, be on the lookout for an agreement you had made in December to come fully to fruition.

LEO (July 23rd through August 22nd)

Work, work, work is your motto for the month ahead as any work you do is sure to be rewarded. Even if you have lost your job or decided upon changing your career, you know what it is you want right now and how to go right after it. Make sure to take a couple of days of down time over the holidays to recharge your batteries though as you will want to enter the New Year with all of your furnaces full-on burning.

VIRGO (August 23rd through September 22nd)

Keep at whatever you’re doing because you’re doing great. Things have not been easy, for sure, but the tide will turn in the coming year. The odds stacked against you will turn in your favor if you act accordingly, but you must act. Never one to sit back and wait for others, make sure you really take charge in January and beyond. You will be thankful you did by the end of the year. Who knows better than you on how to handle your finances? No one.

LIBRA (September 23rd through October 22nd)

If tensions have been building under the surface, they are sure to reveal themselves around the 12th. Be clear that any compromise you choose to make in your business dealings is a true compromise and not just one you are making merely for the sake of compromise. Next month, whatever tension existed is sure to come into play again if you do not deal with it now. You will be able to communicate better and more effectively after the 5th of the New Year. Until then, bite your tongue when reasonable, then beat your drum.

SCORPIO (October 23rd through November 21st)

Time to step it up Scorpio. If you have been cutting any corners on your path to success, the coming weeks are sure to pull the rug out from under you. No worries, however, you can regain your footing if that is the case. Come January, things will begin to turn around even if they have seemingly been out of focus, and even if you feel you have been going in the right direction. You will know how to do even better next year.

Remember, astrology doesn't dictate free will, so, the choice is yours. You can either glide with the tide or push against it and create waves. I think we’re already in pretty rocky waters. What do you think?

-Astrolo-G out

Astrologer Greg Tufaro appears on What's Your Sign? Design for HGTV. Having appeared on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer, Rachael Ray, Glenn Beck, IVillage Live, and Entertainment Tonight and written featured articles for numerous publications, Greg makes astrology accessible by explaining his scientific approach in simple terms. Greg is single and lives in Manhattan. For more information, visit

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