Samaritan's Purse CEO Franklin Graham on Holiday Aide Project

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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: A group of atheists decided to protest a nativity scene and Christmas tree at the Washington state capitol building by putting up a sign that reads, quote, "There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven, no hell. Religion is but a myth and superstition that hardens our hearts and enslaves our minds," end quote.

Joining us now for reaction — he's also here to talk about Operation Christmas Child, which is part of the project that Samaritan's Purse — our good friend, Reverend — Minister Franklin Graham.

How are you, my friend? Merry Christmas.


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HANNITY: Am I allowed to say that?

GRAHAM: Yes, sir. Absolutely.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: I'm not offended. It's OK.

HANNITY: You know, every year we have these controversies.

GRAHAM: Absolutely. You know, it's fine. This is America, and we have free speech, and thank God we have free speech.

But guess what? At the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, we've got a nativity, a live nativity. And we've got camel. We've got a goat, and we've got some sheep. And then you know what? It's fun. And if they can't do that in Washington, come on down to the library in Charlotte. And we'll show you what a real nativity looks like, and we believe in God.

HANNITY: Yes, but what about — you know, we can't do — we've gotten to a point where the — those that are intolerant now are on the left.


HANNITY: You can't even say "Merry Christmas" in school. Or else, "Don't you know that you're not allowed to say that?"

GRAHAM: The majority of America believes in God.


GRAHAM: The vast majority of Americans. The vast majority of Americans come from a Christian...

HANNITY: Orientation.

GRAHAM: ... orientation. And so why can't the majority have what they want? Why can't we have our own holidays? And if the minority want to have their holidays, let them have their holidays. And let them worship the way they worship. But for just a few to penalize the rest of us, it's just not right.

HANNITY: I can almost argue that a lot of Alan's side, I call it Obama-mania syndrome.

COLMES: What does it have to do with what we're saying? What does it have to do with it?

HANNITY: Everything's political. Everything is. No, I mean, there are people that actually think he's the anointed one that's going to save everything. It's actually a derangement.

Look, you come every year.


HANNITY: You have this wonderful Christmas box that you put together. And...

GRAHAM: This — this year we have about 8 million. We have...

HANNITY: Eight million people donated?

GRAHAM: These are donated gifts.

HANNITY: How do you get 8 million people to donate? What do you do? I can't get, you know, five cents out of Alan. He won't donate anything.

GRAHAM: I'll tell you, these are wonderful people, fantastic Christian people all across the country who take an empty shoe box and fill it for items for a child. And they send them to us, and we deliver them.

HANNITY: You do it all over the world.

GRAHAM: We do it all over the world.

HANNITY: I'm going to name this little bear Alan Jr.

COLMES: There's a remarkable resemblance.

HANNITY: There he is.

COLMES: What do they get here?

HANNITY: If we can show this to you.

GRAHAM: In so many parts of the world, the children live in darkness.

HANNITY: That's true.

GRAHAM: And there is no light, and to give a kid a little — a little light is so important. And then you've got crayons.

HANNITY: Guys, can you come back to this? I know we've shown. Let's show it in this particular thing. So you've got — why don't you show what you've got? You've got a car, flashlight.

GRAHAM: A car.

HANNITY: You've got a flashlight.

GRAHAM: School supplies, pens, pencils.

COLMES: Who gets these?

GRAHAM: Toothbrush.

Children. We have...

COLMES: Where? I mean, everywhere?

GRAHAM: A hundred and ten countries.


GRAHAM: And we distribute them through the churches in those countries. We work in — up by September. We have our distribution plan put together. You've got to put this sucker back, now. You can't keep that.


GRAHAM: You give these to children in the slums and the dirtiest, the poorest areas of the world. And this is Christmas.

COLMES: This is part of your missionary work, though.

GRAHAM: Absolutely.

COLMES: It's an attempt to also bring them to Christ.

GRAHAM: Absolutely, every person I meet, even you. I want you to...

COLMES: Again you're starting in. We had Rick Warren here last night. He said give it a 60-day trial.

GRAHAM: God bless him. I want every person I meet in life to know that there's a God who loves them, who cares for them, who sent his son out of heaven to die for their sins, and I want them to know that.

COLMES: You're — you're a great messenger, and you've honored me the night that — I'll never forget the day I spent with your dad on the stage, watching him...

GRAHAM: That's right.

COLMES: ... when he preached at Flushing Meadow Park, his last day in New York City as a preacher. How's he doing?

GRAHAM: He's doing great. He's 90 years old. He just celebrated his 90th birthday. Greta came down for his birthday. She put a little bit of that on her program, and it was a lot of fun. And, you know, he's doing well, except he is 90, and he's just getting weaker. He misses my mother.

COLMES: I'm sure.

GRAHAM: But he watches you guys almost every night.

HANNITY: Is he watching tonight?

COLMES: Please give him our regards.

GRAHAM: I don't know if he's watching tonight or not.

COLMES: We hope he's watching. We hope, Reverend Graham, you're watching and feeling well.

Back to what you said just a moment with Sean, a moment with Sean a moment ago. This idea that do you really feel you're in any way being prevented from practicing your faith in the United States? Are you somehow facing any prejudice?

GRAHAM: No. No, but I — but no question that it is changing in this country, where we are losing a little bit of our freedoms, it seems like.

COLMES: How is your freedom being compromised?

GRAHAM: Well, we are — wherever we turn, you can't — you can't preach in some areas. There — there are a number of places where I cannot mention the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in public areas.

COLMES: Where?

GRAHAM: Schools, a lot of places you're restricted, where we used to have the freedom to do it, and we don't have it now. But remember, the majority of this country, we don't have the freedom as a majority.

COLMES: The thought that we have — this is also the protections for the overreaching majority, the tyranny of the majority for those who do not have the — he's shining a flashlight on me.

HANNITY: Go to...


COLMES: Good to see you. Where were you on the night of — right.

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