Passengers Rescued From Stranded Antarctic Cruise Ship

More than 100 passengers and crew members were rescued Friday from a luxury Antarctic cruise ship that ran aground during a trip to watch seals, penguins and whales in the area, Reuters reported.

The Argentine navy said Thursday the ship was adrift and taking on water in Antarctica but was in no danger of sinking.

There were 89 passengers and 33 crew members aboard the Ushuaia. Those evacuated boarded a Chilean navy ship that was to take them to Chile's Frei Base in Antarctica

Adm. Daniel Alberto Martin sent out an alarm Thursday after the ship suffered a crack and started leaking fuel and taking on water.

The ship was stuck near Wilhelmina Bay, on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula.

It is not the first cruise ship to have trouble recently in the Antarctica, which has seen a surge in tourist visits.

In December 2007, the Norwegian MS Fram carrying some 300 people lost engine power during an electrical outage and struck a glacier, smashing a lifeboat but causing no injuries.

On Nov. 24 of that year, another cruise vessel, the MS Explorer hit an iceberg and sank hours later. All 154 passengers and crew took to lifeboats in the icy waters and were rescued.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.