2 Women Rescued From Mud Trying to Save Dog

State police took to the sky to save two women and a dog after they became stuck in the mud in a marsh in New Jersey.

Diedre Keelan, of Keansburg, and Susan Zymroz, of Manasquan, N.J., are volunteers affiliated with Eastern German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue. They went to Cameron Dog Park in Parsippany on Thursday to search for a dog of that breed that had gotten lost on Nov. 26.

The pair realized they were stuck up to their thighs about the time they spotted "Foster."

They called police, who could not reach them on the ground.

A state police helicopter was dispatched. Troopers brought one of the women up in a harness and the other and the dog in a basket.

The women were reported to be doing fine. The dog is expected to recover.