World's Strongest Woman Makes Peace With 275-Pound Body

Once embarrassed by her oversized frame, the "world's strongest" woman says she's now comfortable with her 275-pound frame, Reuters reports.

South Korean weightlifting champion Jang Mi-ran struggled with her weight as a teen, but now she is a national hero and an inspiration to other females in her homeland.

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Jang won the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in the super-heavyweight class with a series of record-setting lifts.

"I used to think that my size was a flaw before I started weightlifting," she told Reuters. "But after I started weightlifting that has become my strongest point. Now I'm very pleased to be dubbed the world's strongest woman."

Jang said her parents forced her to start weightlifting when she was 17, because they thought it would be good for her.

"At that time, I was already bigger than my friends," she said. "But you know, no matter how good shape you are in physically for weightlifting, you still wouldn't want to do it if you actually didn't like it. Fortunately, weightlifting fits me. It's fun."

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