Suspects in Fort Dix Terror Plot Trial Told FBI Informant They Weren't Brave Enough to Attack

Some of the five men accused of planning to kill soldiers on Fort Dix told an FBI informant that they lacked the bravery to mount an attack.

Defense attorneys for the men used secret recordings made by informant Besniak Bakalli to try to persuade jurors Thursday that their clients were never seriously planning to attack the military installation.

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A day earlier, prosecutors used recordings made by Bakalli to try and show jurors that the foreign-born Muslim men were resolute in their desire for mounting a jihad, or a holy war, against Americans.

Bakalli has told jurors that some of the suspects talked about killing U.S. soldiers and at one point said they wanted to do so in the United States.

But on Thursday, suspect Dritan Duka was heard telling Bakalli that he would never wage a suicide attack. He and his brother, Shain Duka, also talked about not having the guts to kill soldiers in the United States or abroad.