Recession Proof Your Beauty Routine

We all know that beauty comes at a price. Think long hours at the gym, squeezing into that LBD, and of course, those painfully high heels that leave you blistered and barely walking (but make your legs look oh so good!) Then there’s the financial aspect of it. While Botox and lunch-time lipo might work for the rich and famous, the rest of us are left wondering how we’re going to pay our rent, let alone reverse the stress lines caused every time we look at our dwindling 401k’s. But, luckily the price of beauty doesn’t always have to be a high one.

Despite what Madison Avenue would like you to think, you don’t need to spend $200 on a face cream to get glowing skin, and you can satisfy all your make-up needs for less than a dollar a day! Here are some recession proof beauty steals and deals that will lighten your beauty bag, and your credit card bill.

Drumroll please…

Makeover Your Make-up

I love make-up. I always have, and always will. In fact, there is an entire drawer dedicated to it in my house. Ok…there are four of them. (I told you I love the stuff.) But the sad fact is, I don’t wear a lot of it and that money (and drawer space) could be put to much better use.

So, in a recession it’s best to stick to the must-haves, and I’ve found the PERFECT solution. The all-in-one Face Disk Kit by Lauren Hutton is one of the best beauty bargains out there. For $60.00 you get everything you need to look your absolute best. It includes a blush, eyeliner, four kinds of concealer, lip gloss, and brow powder. And once you’ve identified your skin tone you don’t need to worry about picking colors because it’s all done for you. Best of all, it works for all ages. My mother is as much a fan as I am!

And it’s SMALL! You can throw it in your purse and you can even keep an extra one in that itty-witty drawer you’ve claimed over at the boyfriend's place. And for those of you who want a little more than the bare minimum, check out the Lauren Hutton Passport to Brazil . It comes with some “extras” like foundation and powder, and is really all you need as a (thrifty) girl on the go!

Clean-Up Your “Get Clean” Routine

Is your shower packed with products you don’t even use? Well, it’s time to stop watching your money go right down the drain every time you shampoo! I’m not suggesting we stop bathing altogether (this isn’t Woodstock people), but why spend your hard earned dollars on separate bath products when you can consolidate. (Do you see a theme here yet?) Philosophy 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath comes in a variety of yummy scents and only costs $16 for a 16 oz bottle.

Save On Your Skin Care Routine

It’s a simple fact. The French just do it better. Fries, manicures, bubbly, and also face creams. But you don’t need to stock up at customs to save on the good stuff. Lierac is bringing it to the masses. They are unveiling their entire line of products in drugstores around the country. One of my absolute faves is the Hydra Chrono Extreme Baume face cream. This divinely luscious balm feels like satin on the skin and will save your skin from drying out this winter. If you’re a working girl like me, you will not want to pass over the Diopticerne Eye Contour for Dark Circles. This is like Ambien in a tube and will hide the evidence of those late night holiday fetes. I keep one in my desk drawer just in case.

So if the stock market makes you cringe, you can at least cover it up on the cheap! Follow my advice and your wallet will be thankful.

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