MGA Banned From Manufacturing Bratz Dolls

A judge has granted an injunction request by Mattel Inc. that permanently bars MGA Entertainment Inc. from manufacturing Bratz dolls.

The decision, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Riverside, follows a federal jury's finding that Bratz doll designer Carter Bryant came up with the edgy concept while working for Mattel.

The same jury later awarded Mattel $10 million for copyright infringement and $90 million for breach of contract after a lengthy trial that ended in August.

Judge Stephen Larson on Wednesday ordered MGA to immediately stop manufacturing and selling the Bratz dolls and to deliver all its Bratz merchandise to Mattell.

Robert A. Eckert, Mattel's chief executive, says the ruling shows "MGA should not be allowed to profit from its wrongdoing."

A telephone message left MGA spokeswoman Sandra Ravan were not immediately returned.