Five Tips to Staying Fit from Brooke Burke

Have you ever glanced over at someone else’s body and thought to yourself “wow… I really need to hit the gym ASAP!”? Well that’s the way I felt the moment I met Brooke Burke… envy, inspiration, and a serious need to tone my arms just like hers. From head to toe, she is in impeccable shape! And as the new champion of Dancing with the Stars it’s no wonder she looks so amazing— she has been turning, flipping, and dipping every day for past three months straight. I sat down with the mother of four (you would have never guessed it!) and got her tips on staying fit!

Tip # 1: Just dance!

Burke believes dancing is a great way to burn off calories. Before Dancing with the Stars, she "had never tried ballroom dancing." But "it can get you in great shape." Take a class with your boyfriend or husband (if you can convince them to go). Just tell them that after a few lessons you’ll look just like Brooke Burke and I’m sure they’ll come along!

Tip # 2: Do core exerices

One of Burke’s most well-known assets is her abs. But you aren’t just born with a six-pack. She believes one of the secrets to keeping your stomach toned is by doing abdominal exercises wherever you go. Burke suggests flexing your ab muscles and "being conscious of your core even when you're driving."

Tip # 3: Wear an exercise wrap while working out

As a mother of four, Burke has worked very hard to maintain her mid-section and keep it toned. She recommends using the Body Sport Exercise Wrap to help you lose inches off your tummy fast. Burke actually used the product herself after her 3rd child and she believes it does wonders. The wrap, which is worn around your waist, promotes intense sweating. The great thing about it is it’s not just for women, men can use it too!

Tip # 4: Incorporate quick workouts into your schedule

If you’re a busy mom like Burke, it’s hard to find the time to exercise. She suggests doing quick 20 to 30 minute workouts during the day. Also try working out while you’re spending time with your kids. For instance, go for a walk or play sports with your children.

Tip # 5: Eat smart and sensible meals

In order to stay in such great shape, you need to eat right. Burke believes that 90% of how you stay fit is reflected through your diet. She suggests eating five “smart and sensible” meals per day. This is important especially for moms who need more energy.

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Brooke Burke is recognized worldwide as the hottest tour guide and adrenaline junkie on E!'s popular travel series, "Wild On," seen in 120 countries and in more than 400 million homes. She has graced numerous magazine covers, has top-selling swimsuit calendars and is regularly ranked in men's magazines as one of the sexiest women in the world today. Currently, Brooke is this season’s winner of the ABC's hit series “Dancing with the Stars.” Despite her hectic schedule, Brooke enjoys spending time with her four children, doing yoga, pilates, the "Core Secrets" ball workout, taking long walks along mountain trails or secluded beaches, preparing gourmet holiday meals for her family and friends, and catching movies and plays. For more information on Brooke Burke, check out her Web site at

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