'Facebook Republican Army' Terrorizes Teen's Birthday Party

A Facebook "army" has trashed a $2 million luxury townhouse after gatecrashing a teenager's birthday party in Brighton, southern England.

The gang, calling itself the "Facebook Republican Army," smashed lights and burnt carpets as they rampaged through 16-year-old Georgina Hobday's home.

Four adult "bouncers" could only look on as the group broke windows and knocked over plants.

Georgina's coming-of-age party was inspired by the MTV reality series "My Super Sweet 16," which follows wealthy teens preparing for extravagant celebrations.

But her decision to invite a hundred guests via an online invitation led to what her mother called "an absolute horror show."

"The garden has been ruined, the grass is just mud. People were walking through the pond and I heard one boy was trying to headbutt the mirror," the girl's mother said. "My front garden was full and some people were climbing up the balcony and trying to get through the windows."

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