'Cinderella' Performance Shocks Audience With 'Fat Bitch' Remark

A new rendition of “Cinderella” in the U.K. voluntarily cut a scene after preview audiences walked out of the performance when a character was called a “fat bitch,” The Daily Mail newspaper reported Wednesday.

The play, which is aimed at children 7 years old and up, is advertised at England’s Lyric theater as “the only show to see this Christmas for everyone seven plus.”

“We were expecting fairy godmothers, pumpkins and mice — not violence, bloodshed and swearing,” one mother, who brought her 8-year-old daughter to the play, told the paper.

Despite the uproar, the word “slut” and a scene containing violence will remain in the play, The Mail reported.

“A scene in which the stepmother is called a ‘fat bitch’ has been removed by the director,” a Lyric spokeswoman told The Mail. “A lot of work has been done since the previews.”

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