Arizona Dad of Disabled Boys Upset After School Special Ed Director Parks in Handicapped Spot

An Arizona father of two disabled boys was upset after the district's special education director parked in a handicapped spot, and the schools superintendent has apologized.

Mesa Public Schools Superintendent Deb Duvall wrote a letter to the angry dad, Chris Beckham, saying she was sorry about Special Education Director William Santiago's behavior, The Arizona Republic reported.

Beckham's two sons both have muscular dystrophy. He told the newspaper that he was outraged by Santiago's "absolute arrogance" last week outside Zaharis Elementary School when he asked him not to park in a handicapped space again because those are needed by parents of disabled students.

"Just because you have a hard life doesn't mean the world owes you everything," Beckham told the newspaper Santiago said in response.

Santiago was spoken to about the incident, but won't be fined or disciplined further, according to district spokeswoman Kathy Bareiss. Illegally parking in a handicapped space can lead to a citation and a fine of $101.25, the paper reported.

Bareiss said Santiago was dropping off his own child at school, but traffic blocked him from pulling into other parking spaces — so he stopped for a short time in the handicapped spot.

Santiago couldn't be reached for comment.

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