William Shatner Interviews Tortured Stars on New Talk Show

William Shatner has few walls between what his brain thinks and what his mouth says.

Now he's hoping that the celebrity guests on his new show, "Shatner's Raw Nerve," will share his same verbal diarrhea.

One trait they all have in common: They have each made it through some form of personal struggle, be it with drugs, alcohol, fame, weight gain. You name it, they've gone through it.

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Shatner's job, as he sees it, is to probe their psyches, looking for that childhood moment, the adolescent angst, the wild adult success, that made them who they are.

"Whatever it is we think we know about them, there are things they haven't talked about or have forgotten," Shatner tells USA Today. "Those are the areas I'm trying to plumb. I don't want them forced into being funny. I'm not looking for a tabloid moment. They may come in with a performer's apprehension, but they leave delighted and at ease."

Tuesday night's double feature (10 ET/PT on the Biography Channel) stars Valerie Bertinelli and her food and drug addictions, and Tim Allen figuring out how he made it from stand-up comedy to stardom.

Actor Kelsey Grammer, porn star Jenna Jameson and dad-of-Angelina-Jolie Jon Voigt are some of the other stars Shatner will poke and prod in the coming weeks.

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