Soldier Back From Iraq Shot Dead on Alaska Streets by Newly Released Felon

An Army military police officer survived 15 months in Iraq, but it was the Anchorage streets that claimed his life.

Authorities say Army Sgt. Evan Minnear died at the hands of a convicted felon who had been out of jail 16 days and was not supposed to be carrying a firearm.

Authorities believe Vongdeuane Vongthongdy killed Minnear outside the Woodshed Lounge in downtown Anchorage on Sunday.

Vongthongdy was already on probation for the felony assault with a weapon during the shooting.

The 24-year-old Minnear had been in the Army since January of 2003 and had been assigned to Anchorage's Fort Richardson base since October 2005. His unit came back from Iraq to Fort Richardson in November 2007.