Rabbi Reading Anti-Terrorism Handbook When Killed in Mumbai Jewish Center

The rabbi killed along with his wife and four others in the Mumbai Jewish centre was reading a book about how to deal with terrorists when he was murdered, the Times of London reported.

On the bedside table of Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg were found copies of Jewish holy texts along with a book entitled: “How to Protect Yourself When Terrorists Come to Your House.”

Holtzberg, 29, was found by his colleague, Rabbi Dov Goldberg, lying slumped on the ground of his living quarters wrapped in tefillin, a prayer aid containing the Hebrew scrolls.

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Goldberg – who will take over as leader of Nariman House, the center targeted – spoke of the moment he discovered his friend and his wife.

"I was called in to identify Gavy's body," he said. "Next to the nightstand, on the bed, there were several religious books, and next to the books was another, “How to Protect Yourself When Terrorists Come to Your House.”

The Rabbi added that his dead colleague's two-year-old son, Moshe, who was not at the procession, had not slept for four days. Moshe miraculously escaped from the gunmen with his nanny as the siege started.

The community has promised to rebuild the Mumbai center and name it after the Holtzbergs. Chabad, the organization which runs the center, operates thousands of such outreach centers around the world.

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