Nicole Kidman Takes a Beating on Facebook

Someone I know suggested I join the Facebook group, "Am I Taking Crazy Pills or is Nicole Kidman the Worst Actress in the World?"

I don't know why. I am completely indifferent as to whether Kidman's acting skills are bad, very bad or indeed the worst in the world. And I don't know what a crazy pill is supposed to be.

But I was not entirely surprised it existed - Facebookers are inherently unpleasant and Kidman has always polarized people.

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What was something of a shock was to discover just how spoilt for choice anti-Kidman campaigners are. Type "Nicole" and "Kidman" into a Facebook search and you're confronted with the horrible, disturbing, catty world of Kidman haters.

For every fan group there is at least one "So over Nicole Kidman" or "No wonder Tom Cruise is crazy and Keith drinks" group. Or nastier: "Nicole Kidman is Satan", "Nicole Kidman Looks Like An Alien With Foetal Alcohol Syndrome" or just plain "I hate Nicole Kidman" groups.

And they are feral - men and women violently attacking a woman they have most likely never met or know personally.

They don't just not like Nicole Kidman but are so filled with loathing and spite they are inspired to digitally alter photos so she looks 100 years old or attack her entirely innocent newborn baby - pages and pages of that malicious looniness bloggers are renowned for.

And that's the printable stuff.

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